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Evening gala by young inheritors of Hubei Intangible Cultural Heritages


  By Lu Yanhong

  The 2017 evening gala performed by young inheritors of Hubei Intangible Cultural Heritages "Open the Gate of Time," was held at Wuhan Qintai Grand Theater on the evening of February 10. At the party, intangible cultural heritage inheritors put on marvelous performances for the audience, including Sixian luogu (a music performance with strings and pipes, gongs, and drum), Changyang Nan Opera, Yangliu String-drum, and Han Opera.

  Apart from representative inheritors, many young descendants of intangible cultural heritages also appeared on the stage. Jianshi Sixian Luogu, enjoying a long history of over 200 years, is praised as the symphony of the Tujia nationality. The authentic program chosen and performed by Jianshi County, "Drum Music Welcomes Spring," was co-performed by pupils at the Changliang Village Ethnic Primary School, Jianshi County, as well as folk artisans.

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