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Does the Dog Die? Offers Crowdsourced Movie Spoilers That Help People Avoid Triggers for Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence & Other Upsetting Topics
Nothing can ruin a movie like an uncomfortable or disturbing scene that takes you by surprise. Some may dislike seeing animals die on screen, while others might be reminded of their painful past by depictions of sexual assault, domestic violence, or infidelity. Thats why Does the Dog Die? was created to warn people about distressing scenes in movies, TV shows, video games, and other media. The alerts come from users who have watched or read that media and recorded the types of possibly disturbing content they found.
Be Warned About Unpleasant Scenes in Entertainment With Does the Dog Die?
Youre excited for a new HBO show, but the trailers look pretty violent. You can stand some fighting, but you really hate torture scenes. Or you hate puke shots. Or you need to avoid strobe effects. Or your actual dog just died, and youd rather not be reminded by a movie. Look up the title on Does the Dog Die?, a site that collects warnings about anxiety triggers and unpleasant elements in over 6,000 movies, TV, books, and video games.
Everything Wrong With A Star Is Born (2018)
Here is a movie a lot of people loved that has good performances, good music, it won some awards. Yada yada. Let's talk about the sins in A Star Is Born!
Find Out if the Dog Dies, Before You Watch a Movie
We all have that one friend who cant bear to watch a movie where an animal dies (me, for example). And yeah, I get the real world is hard, and we shouldnt shelter ourselves blah blah, but look. Ive seen some s**t and maybe when I chillax for the night, I dont want to see cute stuff dying.
'Does the Dog Die?' This Website Will Tell You
Does the dog die? is a question many animal lovers fret over while watching a movie or TV show that features a furry companionand now a website can help you avoid media featuring the demise of a beloved pet.

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